Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Segment Output

Last time, I looked at what I consider the basic demographics of the framebuilding businesses included in my sample - things like the age of the businesses, employees, sales channels, etc. Now I'd like to turn to what those builders are producing and what this tells us about the U.S. handbuilt segment and its output … Continue reading Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Segment Output

Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Business Demographics

I'll turn next to what I think of as the business demographics of framebuilders - recognizing that these category headings don't have super distinct boundaries. Here I'll focus on different aspects of framebuilders' businesses, leaving more detailed analysis of production and output types/categories, along with consideration of selling prices and such, to later posts. Tables below … Continue reading Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Business Demographics

Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Individual Demographics

Beginning the actual analysis of the survey data, I'll start with what I think of as the individual and household demographics of the builders themselves. Who is included in these analyses? Of the total 123 respondents, I want to filter out those who are: completely retired and totally inactive those who are not yet in … Continue reading Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Individual Demographics

Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Distribution Overview

To get things rolling with my bite-size chunks of survey data analysis, I'll begin with a description of the survey itself and the distribution and sampling. The survey (which was approved by my university's IRB and run through Qualtrics software) was open from 3.25.2019 through 1.20.2020 - about 10 months total. I sent four waves … Continue reading Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Distribution Overview

Scale and Logic of Framebuilders: A Typology

I finished and submitted my paper on the commercial transformation of world soccer/football. So with that off my desk, I'm getting back to thinking through the Braudelian distinction between market life and capitalism. I'd intended - based on my every-other-week posting goal for the year - to have something up last Sunday. For the sake … Continue reading Scale and Logic of Framebuilders: A Typology