Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Individual Demographics

Beginning the actual analysis of the survey data, I'll start with what I think of as the individual and household demographics of the builders themselves. Who is included in these analyses? Of the total 123 respondents, I want to filter out those who are: completely retired and totally inactive those who are not yet in … Continue reading Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Individual Demographics

Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Distribution Overview

To get things rolling with my bite-size chunks of survey data analysis, I'll begin with a description of the survey itself and the distribution and sampling. The survey (which was approved by my university's IRB and run through Qualtrics software) was open from 3.25.2019 through 1.20.2020 - about 10 months total. I sent four waves … Continue reading Framebuilder Survey Analysis: Distribution Overview

Scale and Logic of Framebuilders: A Typology

I finished and submitted my paper on the commercial transformation of world soccer/football. So with that off my desk, I'm getting back to thinking through the Braudelian distinction between market life and capitalism. I'd intended - based on my every-other-week posting goal for the year - to have something up last Sunday. For the sake … Continue reading Scale and Logic of Framebuilders: A Typology