Getting Started

First post here at the new blog, though it’s not going to be monumental in the least! Though I’ve been blogging elsewhere – very sporadically – over the years, I’m using the advent of a new project as a moment to make a fresh start on the blogging. I need and want to be writing more, or at least more routinely (though writing more wouldn’t be so bad either!) and I’ve had the idea for a while now that perhaps I could blog a research project as I moved through it. Given the cross-over or “popular” appeal of the topic at hand, this could plausibly draw on a broader set of audiences than the typical academic or research blog. But even if this just gets me to put some more words (even unread) out into the world I will consider it a victory!

My plan for now is to get rolling with a series of longer posts that will lay out the broad contours of the “Building Value” project and where it sits in various popular and scholarly discourses and debates. These early posts will hopefully give way to shorter ones over time, in which I can report and work through various “bits and bobs” that pop up from the research. I would imagine the original posts will eventually become part of the “About” page, or a “Read Me First” backdrop, but I’m making that up as I go!

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